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Summer time in Ojai with Local Rosé

It's summer in Ojai and there is no better way to enjoy the warm weather then to partake in some delicious locally grown Rosé wines. Azu new wine list Features three locally grown Rosé wines; The Ojai Alisal second vintage release of their Pink Moment rosé made of mostly Grenache with a touch of Syrah, Topa Mountain Winery first release of their Grenache Rosé and The Ojai Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé.

The Ojai Alisal and Topa Mountain wines are grown in the upper Ojai on neighboring vineyards, but they couldn't be more different accenting the different wine making style of the two wine maker's. The Ojai Alisal is Red fruit and citrus bouquet with flavors of berries and a crisp minerality and done in stainless steel. The Topa Mountain Winery is almost 100% Grenache with a touch of Barbera, half the wine was barrel fermented and half in stainless steel. This gives the rose a softer mouthfeel with smooth minerality with notes off stone fruit and white raspberries. The Ojai Ridge is located on su;fur mountain on your way into Ojai. They grow Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah only, their Rosé is 100% Cabernet so it has more cherry and dark fruit notes then the other two Ojai Wineries.

Enjoy these wines in a tasting flight to enjoy the different wine making styles and craft put into these local boutique wines.

Azu Local Rosé

Ojai Ridge Rosé, Sulfur Mountain Ojai, California  2013. This wine has lovely aromas of strawberry and raspberry with subtle hints of citrus in the background. Glass 12~ Bottle 36~

Ojai Alisal Pink Moment Rose, Upper Ojai, California  2014. Grenache with some Syrah. Red fruit and citrus bouquet with flavors of berries and a crisp minerality. Glass 13~ Bottle 39~

Topa Mountain Rose, Upper Ojai, CA 2014. 100% Grenache, smooth minerality, notes of stone fruit and white raspberries. Glass 14~ Bottle 40~

Rose Wine Tasting Flight’s

Pick any two wine’s 14~ | Pick any three wine’s 20~