Azu Craft Kitchen

 Azu recently acquired a food canning license and is starting to produce a line of artisan food products. The first local item is marmalade. Many more products in the works.

Moon Valley Marmalade

Certified Organic, Local Citrus, hand picked, house-made in small vintages, never homoginized, and always distinct to the season and the elements. Celebrating the complexity and variability of Etchart Ranch Citrus, Moon Valley Marmalade is always delicious, andnever twice the same. Enjoy with your favorite Cheese and Wine. Available to purchase at Azu.

Hippie Care Package

All items available are hand-made, Recycled, Grown and Foraged by Elizabeth and Jeremy Haffner. All herbs, flowers and citrus is grown on the Organic Etchart Orchard in Ojai by Jeremy Haffner. Made from recycled wine bottles, and cardboard from Azu Restaurant. Packaged with burlap, tulle, natural ribbon, smudge stick, palo santo incense and lavender sachet. Great Wedding or Holiday present, contact Elizabeth Haffner,